Kriss Boggild - Artist
Painting and mixed media art


Hello Kriss! I wonder if you remember me, but we were both involved in the uranium mining issue over 40 years ago, at least I think you are her. Came across your work on the Net and made the connection. Great to view you creativity here, after so many years
Ralph Torrie - 15 Jul 2023
Kriss, you are truly a Mayne Island treasure.
Jon Hoff - 14 Jan 2021
Hi Kriss, Very pleasant meeting you. I enjoyed your Kraft Paper swimmers. The portraits too - especially the self-portrait in a dark room exercise. See you soon.
Bronwen - 8 Dec 2010
Loved the site and your creative work.What great style specially the Abstracts! This isn't a spam message, but you can visit me if you like.Thanks- Sunday, February 15 2009
James R Hicks - 15 Feb 2009
Enjoyed the Mayne Island exhibit.
Rod Singh - 11 Nov 2007
red leaves on chairs the absence of Kriss she is making art
sean - 8 Nov 2007
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