Kriss Boggild - Artist
Painting and mixed media art


(posted on 10 May 2007)
Thank you to all the visitors who came by the studio during the weekend of April 27 t0 29. It was a pleasure to meet with and talk to you all about art, mine and others! Please feel free to contact me through this website if any of the images here appeal to you and you want to know about prices. This spring, I am continuing to work on the series of mixed media pieces featuring the artist's mannequins, some of which were on view during the open studio, and starting another landscape based- series of fabric collages/embroideries. I did a fair amount of travelling in the past year -- across Canada with a fellow painter, down to the Redwoods and up the coast of Oregon with my husband and son, from Florida to central Ontario with my dad, and down to Central Washington with my daughter, as well as regular sojourns on Mayne Island, BC -- and all of those landscapes sent their own particular colour messages my way. I feel compelled to translate those messages into new work which I will document on this site as they progress.