Kriss Boggild - Artist
Painting and mixed media art


(posted on 7 Sep 2006)
After a long hiatus during which I hosted an open studio as part of Artists in our Midst, in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver, B.C. , took a trip across Canada with a painter friend, and oohed and aahed along the whole way, visited family in Ontario, flew back to Vancouver, whence I hail, drove with Chuck the black standard poodle -- oh, and my husband and son! -- to the California Redwoods and back up the Oregon coast, planted a vegetable garden, made strawberry preserves, apple balm jelly, apple chutney, and pesto, and entertained and was entertained by summer visitors including my two wonderful nieces and their darling mum, my sister, and ...... well, you get the picture: I have been a busy person since I last was here in March of 2006. As I upload more pictures, you will notice the effects of all of those activities on my art, I am sure. I hope you enjoy looking at the images. And please contact me should you be interested in purchasing or even if you just want to chat about it!